Your Path to a Better YouTube Channel Part Two

This is the second installment in a series called Your Path to a Better YouTube Channel. You can find part one hereYour Path To a Better YouTube Channel Part Two
I start off the podcast by thanking the team over at Blab for providing the broadcast platform that I use to record this show. I had the pleasure of hanging with Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor from the and Digital Commerce Institute.

I was invited to sit in on a webinar that was sort of a round table discussion and we talked about the pros and cons of Blab but the funny thing about it was there wasn't really too many cons and so I'm a big fan of Blab and I helped Jerod and Jonny – well let's just say that I think they both gained a new appreciation for the platform as well as all of the folks over at the Digital commerce Institute got introduced to the power of Blab.

Case Study: Making a YouTube Video Series

This week I watched a Bright Talk webinar that was presented by Tori Cushing from Moz.
I found this to be an interesting case study that we can all learn from and later, I'll go over my takeaways and how you can use them to help improve your channel.

Now many of you might be familiar with the popular White Board Friday’s that are posted on the Moz blog every week. But this webinar focused on a different campaign called: Moz’s Daily SEO Fix.

Video Series Goals

The campaign had 3 goals:

  • Increase engagement
  • Increase signups
  • Increase retention

Moz Daily SEO Fix Campaign GoalsThey launched this campaign because they found that customers were having some problems using Moz’s paid tools. Basically they found that customers were confused, it turns out there’s a steep learning curve and the tool is pretty complicated. So this was causing customers to be overwhelmed and they would cancel their subscriptions.

They decided to produce 22 “snackable” videos, upload them to YouTube and Wistia. In her presentation Tori took us through the step by step process she and the team at Moz went through to create this series. She set up a document that listed out each one of the videos they wanted to record.

The team pitched in to get the videos recorded. They also set up social media campaigns and using Followerwork they were able to determine the best times to Tweet and all in all they ended up getting lots views and engagement, including blog comments, emails from customers saying how much the loved the series. And best of all they were able to track the highest social engagement rate over any other time of the year on Twitter and even on LinkedIn.

Another thing you'll see is that they embedded the YouTube version of the videos on the Moz blog!

Tracking Results

Tori said that they increased sign ups by 200% and the series had over 4,000 plays. She added a funny story about the blooper reel that she uploaded as an “afterthought” and how it was the second most popular video of the entire series!

Takeaways for Improving Your YouTube Channel

My biggest takeaways from watching this webinar was the seeing how they set up their goals, collaborated to get the work done, put together a strategic plan for promoting the series (including Twitter, YouTube playlists, and YouTube embeds) and later how they tracked their results. In the episode I talk about the Canva Playlist and the short intro video I created that has over 1,700 views (make that 2,100 views and counting). Here's an example of a YouTube playlist that will help demonstrate what a powerful tool they are for promoting and improving your channel. In fact, this playlist is a collection of YouTube Video Tutorials; Tips and Training.

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I'll talk you next week in the upcoming episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast!


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