Listener Support for Podcasters on Anchor

Listener Support for Podcasters on Anchor Launches Listener Support

Podcasters who live in the U.S. and host their show on Anchor can now get donations through an option called Listener Support.Listener Support for Podcasters on Anchor There are 3 donation tiers for listeners to choose from. The levels are: $.99, $4.99 or $9.99 monthly, and the payments are billed directly through Stripe.  This is a long awaited feature and one that the podcasting industry needs to pay close attention to! I turned on the option for my show 2 days ago and I'm really excited to announce that, so far 2 of my listeners (thanks Bernie and Pat) are showing their Listener Support for the show!

How Listener Support Works

Anyone who wants to donate can do so right from the podcaster's landing page. Here is a screenshot for the Listener Support page for The Anchor Show.

I love the messaging here and of course the purple buttons!

If you love this podcast, you can support the creator with a small, monthly donation. Your contribution will help sustain the future of the podcast and enable the creator to make more episodes. (You can cancel at any time.)”

Adding your support to a show from desktop is super simple and efficient. But what about adding support from a mobile device? That's a bit trickier so I decided to do a walk-through in this video to show you how it works! Watch to see how I share my Listener Support to one of my favorite Anchor Podcasters Ashnichrist!

Listener Support from Apple Podcast App

If you are on the Apple Podcast app, finding the support link is a bit tricky. You need to open the show notes view of a specific episode and this is what you'll see.

Support The Anchor Show on Apple Podcasts Getting to the bottom of the show notes might take a few clicks, but eventually you'll see the words, Become a supporter of this podcast: and the link will open up the payment interface. Once you find the link the process goes very smoothly and I don't think it's ever been easier to show monthly recurring support for a podcasters.

How Does Listener Support Compare

The obvious comparison with this model is the Patreon model. Tech Crunch calls it “a Patreon-style subscription service” and in I can see some similarities. From the prodcaster's point of view, the Anchor option is far simpler to set up and even easier to maintain. Setting up a Patreon page is not exactly a walk in the park because there are so many decisions to make. You have to craft a compelling back-story, and then decide on the perks, and number of tiers. Anchor's listener support doesn't require any of that, you just click a few buttons, enter your bank details and wait for donations to show up in your inbox. Don't get me wrong, I adore Jack Conte and his team at Patreon have done for the creative community but this option from Anchor is practically pain-free – and it's always good for us to have options.

Will you consider monetizing your Anchor Podcast with Listener Support? Even more importantly, will you take action, pull out your credit card and support a podcaster (or two) with a monthly donation – just like I did for Ashnichrist? I love that Mike from Anchor promises not to put ads on the platform and – yes, I will give Listener Support so that I don't have to listen to “my pillow” or any other ads that I have no interest in. This is the way forward my friends.

More power to podcasters!

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