Streamyard Review and Tutorial

Streamyard is a browser-based live streaming application that can also be used to record episodes for your podcast. It's a smooth and efficient live streaming app that's really user-friendly! I first got introduced to Streamyard by one of the founders, Geige Vandentop, in October of 2018. From the very first day I went live with it, I was hooked and by November of that year, I released my first Streamyard review and tutorial (scroll down to watch below).

The developers focus on these 3 pillars upon which Streamyard is built:

  • Stability
  • Ease of Use
  • Professional looking streams

For me, stability is by far my favorite pillar from this list! And I know that having the right tools when you're just getting started can make all the difference and I'm always committed to providing superior products to my readers and subscribers.  With Streamyard you will be streaming live on your YouTube channel, Twitch or Facebook page in minutes without any expensive equipment–just create an account, select your destinations (you can multi-stream if you want), add some descriptive text of what's happening-voila!

You're live. 

Live Streaming Software Requirements

Over the years, I have developed my own personal list of requirements for live streaming software that I use and recommend. It takes a lot for me to endorse and put my stamp of approval on a live streaming platform or tool. For example, I certainly agree with the folks at Streamyard that “ease of use” is a huge consideration, but here are some of the other requirements from my list that are covered by Streamyard:


  • Banners
  • Branded logos
  • Video intros
  • Video outros
  • Pinned comments


  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitch
  • Periscope/Twitter
  • Amazon
  • Instagram (whenever they release their official API)

Last but not least, one of the reasons I'm such a fan of Streamyard is the smooth and efficient onboarding process for new users. The platform keeps it simple – and there's no complicated control system like other competing live streaming apps.

Although I use another software tool for most of my desktop “solo” live streams, called Ecamm Live, whenever I want to do an interview or panel discussion, Streamyard is my go-to platform and one that I highly recommend to my friends. To date, 179 people have signed up to use Streamyard through my referral link and thousands more have watched my videos tutorials and updates. This is my latest walk-through of the features, including multicasting. Watch Why Go Live With StreamYard for the latest!

The Ultimate Live Streamers Gear and Software Toolkit

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Strong Community Ties

Since the release of Streamyard, Geige and his cofounder Dan Briggs have positioned themselves at the forefront of the live streaming community. One of the key factors contributing to their fast growth and platform adoption is their connection to the community of users. Much of this is facilitated in their Facebook group, the Facebook page, and of course they have a YouTube channel.

My featured tutorials on the Streamyard YouTube Channel:

6 Ways to Easily Share Photos In StreamYard, to Enhance Your Live Streams 

How to Turn Your Slideshow into a Video

How to Add Scrolling Text to Your Live Streams

But it's also the hands on, one-on-one outreach that makes them stand out above many of the competing browser-based live streaming tools.

The weekly Streamyard Town Halls are multi-streamed across all of the major platforms and it's a great opportunity for users and live streaming hopefuls to get their questions answered, to see what's coming next, and to share their success with using Streamyard.

Here's an earlier video when I introduced Streamyard on my YouTube channel. Watch this is you want to look back on how far the app has come while still maintaining those 3 pillars mentioned above.

NOTE: I used EcammLive to create this demo of using Streamyard.

You can see that Streamyard's easy setup and stability make it the perfect tool for live streaming.

Streamyard's features, like being browser-based, are an example of how they have remained stable over time without ever compromising user experience. I highly recommend Streamyard to anyone looking for a reliable platform that is also intuitive and easy to use! For those of you on the go, Streamyard lets mobile web users live stream quickly from iPhones and Android phones too. Be sure to watch this video for all my Streamyard Mobile Live Streaming Tips!


Podcasters Can Benefit from Streamyard Too

Based on feedback from the community of users, Streamyard added another option that I think will appeal to many of my podcasting friends. Recording allows Podcasters and other users to use Streamyard to create videos or podcast episodes without even going live. The files can be downloaded as video or audio only (within 15 days) for users on the upgraded plans. See how this works in this video Kevin Kolbe created for Streamyard.

BONUS: Built in Giveaway Tool

The Giveaway tool is an added bonus that can be used during your streams to further delight and engage your audience of viewers. Check out this example of how much fun everyone can have when you host a giveaway during your stream.


  • Start your stream using Streamyard then in another tab go to
  • Pick the phrase you want people to type in the chat.
  • You'll see the number of entries add up as people type in the phrase
  • When the time comes, share the tab on screen so people can watch
  • Click Pick a Winner and everyone can see the tool as it randomly picks the winner and throws confetti

Be sure you collect all of the shipping information or email addresses of the winners (depending on the prizes).

NOTE: Before you host your giveaway, remember to account for the expense of any international or local shipping charges which can sometimes cost more than the actual item you are shipping.

As you can see, there are so many ways you can use Streamyard to create content that can easily be repurposed beyond your live streams! I recommend giving it a try and let me know what you think!