Important YouTube Update for Video Creators

If you have an active YouTube channel, then consider yourself among an elite class of creators online. We are brave enough to publish content on one of the most sophisticated platforms available to us for free on the internet. Eligible YouTube creators like you and me can choose to add a clickable link to this info card that sends viewers to: watch more videos on YouTube, or to another website!

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How To Keep Up With Trends on YouTube

One of the biggest challenges we face as video content creators on YouTuber is keeping up with the changes to the platform and knowing where to get the best information. On my YouTube channel I have several videos that focus on YouTube and some of the tips and tricks on how to increase your views and how to edit your videos. YouTube also has a lot of hidden features because they’re back-end is so complex people get lost when they sign up for YouTube account and unless they follow the right people they won’t even know that some of these features exist.

Listen to this episode to learn why I follow Lisa Irby, Roberto Blake and a podcast called Vidpow TubeTalk and why you should follow them too!

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Your Path to a Better YouTube Channel Part Two

In this episode I wanted to share with you an example of how a popular SEO software company called Moz created a series of videos to engage their customers. The videos were uploaded to both YouTube and Wistia and the results were pretty amazing. It’s a perfect example of how a well thought out campaign can not only help re-engage an audience but how it can impact conversions. This is an example we can all follow and put into practice on our own YouTube channels. I think hearing a little more about this journey will help inspire you to take action on improving your channel. Be sure to listen to this episode of the podcast were I start off with a big shout out to Team Blab and the amazing platform that I use to record my podcast and many of my recent YouTube video.

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