TubeBuddy Affiliate Program an Honest Review

Many content creators like you and me are eager to earn a side income from our online efforts.

We hear the promise of free hosting and free software tools to help promote our content, but it doesn't take long before we realize that if we want to make a substantial impact and reach more people with our message, eventually we need to invest in premium software and paid marketing tools. So the question becomes, how can we cover the costs of these products and services if we aren't making any money?

The easy answer to that question has always been; affiliate marketing. Ultimately it's a pretty straight forward solution that helps everyone reach their goals. The product owner gets others to sell their product, the affiliate (that's you and me) earns an honest commission, and the buyer ends up with a product they need. As long as everyone plays by the rules, in the end everybody's happy!

I recall when I first got started with affiliate marketing I signed up for every program in my niche. From Clickbank to Shareasale and Amazon associates, and a handful of others that either closed their doors or their product offerings didn't hit home with my audience [who remembers SEO Pressor or Noble Samurai?].

I learned a lot since I began my “online money-making” journey back in 2010, and I’m here to tell you that all affiliate programs are not created equal!

TubeBuddy's affiliate program is one of the best around and in this post, I'll show you how it checks all the boxes on my checklist and why it's become one of my favorites!

TubeBuddy Affiliate Program for YouTubers

Now that you know I bit about my experience with affiliate programs, I'd like to share a bit about my experience with the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program and what you can expect. Watch this video for a deep dive: TubeBuddy Affiliate Program but continue reading here for now if that's your thing.

If you are a YouTube content creator I really want to encourage you to sign up with TubeBuddy today – but only after you tried it yourself and see the value it can offer your audience.

I've been an affiliate for years (since 2015) but here's an exercise I did recently just to see how TubeBuddy performs compared to my other sources of online income. I opened all of my top money-makers and jotted down each month's income by month. I eventually ended up creating an Excel spreadsheet with a pie-chart to give myself a visual representation of the results.

Ms. Ileane's online income for 2020

  1. YouTube (Adsense + Super Chat and Super Stickers) is 54%
  2. TubeBuddy is 20% (btw – this is my affiliate link 🤓)
  3. Patreon is 13%
  4. Ecamm Live is 9%
  5. Amazon is 4%

Take a look at a snapshot from the dashboard we get. I love how easy it is for us to keep track of our earnings. Some affiliate dashboards are so confusing, this one is very straight-forward, don't you agree?

I wish more affiliate programs would take a page out of TubeBuddy's book and provide easy access to how much money we earn and what we can expect in the month ahead!

Help Affiliates Promote Your Product

As an active content creator, I know you feel my pain when I yell into the abyss and say “I'm super busy!”

These days it seems that everyone has a to-do list that is a mile long. As an affiliate, I need you to make my job of promoting your product super easy and very efficient. TubeBuddy checks this box in many ways, starting with their gorgeous banners and other promotional assets. Head over to the Affiliate Center to find promotional images for every major platform in every size and shape an affiliate marketer can imagine 🙋🏽‍♀️

The only thing that needs improvement in this area is the addition of “swipe copy” so we can easily send a dedicated email blast to our mailing list, or to run a contest or give-away on social media.

The Honest Truth and a Pleasant Surprise

Honestly friends, I surprised to see TubeBuddy in the number 2 spot, but what really takes my breath away is to see Patreon and Ecamm Live leaving Amazon so far behind in the ranking. I spend a lot of time promoting my Amazon store, including going live on recently launched Amazon Live platform.

Doing this little exercise proved to be a pleasant surprise in addition to the inspiration for this long over due blog post!

In all fairness, software tools like TubeBuddy (often referred to as SaaS = software as a service) do have a built-in advantage over physical product stores like Amazon. Subscription services can benefit from the recurring revenue business model to generate a source of perpetual income. With that said, there are plenty of other affiliate programs that don't offer recurring revenue to their affiliate partners. You make a one-time commission when the customer you referred signs up and that's it!

Fortunately for us, TubeBuddy does offer recurring revenue to all affiliates!

Time for a TubeBuddy Gif

I want you to get excited, that's why I made the Gif 😂

The team at TubeBuddy is making some next-level type connections with their community and providing a platform for them to have more exposure and visibility. For example, did you know there are 2 TubeBuddy podcasts? Yes, I said TWO!

One of those podcasts is super special because its called The Women of YouTube! The show is hosted by Desiree Martinez, and the tagline is “Inspiring Female Creators on YouTube”.

Every week Desiree interviews another lady YouTuber who shares her success story which puts the spotlight on the unique challenges and triumphs of being a female content creator.

Dusty Porter hosts the TubeBuddy Express Podcast, which is another example of how TubeBuddy supports their community of users with helpful discussions and tips to help us succeed on YouTube.

There is another reason I'm excited to be part of TubeBuddy's affiliate program. They recently granted me a custom landing page for people to visit when they click my link. This is the header they'll find at the top of the page.

I was floored when they told me I could be featured this way and I don't think any of the other programs I'm a part of has featured my testimonial so prominently. Typically my review appears alongside a group of other niche influceners clumped together one after another. Custom landing pages are usually reserved for YouTubers with huge followings like Derral Eves, Nick Nimmin or Sunny Lenarduzzi.  I'm not gonna lie — this made me feel really special. I feel like I'm being appreciated for my contribution to the community.

I can also provide a 20% discount to anyone who uses the code ILEANESBUDDY when they checkout!

Click Here to Join the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

If you want to leave a comment or share your feedback about TubeBuddy, head over to this post on my YouTube Community tab!




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