Productivity Apps for YouTube

Top 5 YouTube Productivity Tools

If you want to build a loyal following on YouTube it's really important to post fresh content consistently. Your goal is to become part of your viewer's daily or weekly routine. I do weekly live streams on YouTube and in this video I share 5 YouTube productivity tools, that I use and recommend to help you easily publish and promote your YouTube videos. I'll even include my favorite tools that help build engagement with your audience during live streams!

You can click on the timestamps below to start watching the video and learn more about specific tools mentioned in the video:

☀︎ Elgato Stream Deck 02:38 shop here
~ Nightbot is a free alternative 12:34
☀︎ to multi stream on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Periscope and more 17:37
☀︎ Ecamm Live is live streaming software for your Mac computer 25:32
☀︎ YouTube Starter Kit from Roberto Blake 33:36
☀︎ TubeBuddy 46:00

Elgato Stream Deck and Stream Deck Mini for Live Streamers

The best way I like to describe the Elgato Stream Deck is that it's like having a specialized keyboard. Clicking on one button will evoke specific actions from applications on your computer.

I programmed the stream deck to add comments and calls to action to the live chat, send out Tweets to promote my live streams, track the number of live visitors, play sound effects, open websites, and more. Elgato also integrates with EcammLive (my live streaming tool of choice), but more on that in a bit. You can also check out the smaller Elgato Stream Deck Mini which costs around $100 USD.

In this video, I give you step-by-step instructions for setting-up the Elgato Stream Deck and making the most of it even if you are not a “gamer”.

Manage Live Stream Comments with

This one is great for those of you who like to multi-stream! Log-in to and connect with over 20 different live streaming platforms to get all of your live chat comments in one feed. The service is free but you can upgrade to include Facebook Live.

EcammLive for Mac

I can't say enough about how much I love using Ecamm Live to stream on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch! I've even use Ecamm Live to stream to Periscope a few times and it's such a tremendously powerful tool I think that every content creators with a Mac would benefit from using it. Here is one of my recent EcammLive Tutorials.

One of my favorite features of Ecamm Live is that I can play a pre-recorded video during the stream. I recorded a jingle that I play at the beginning of my streams that helps get everyone in a good mood and it adds a fun and whimsical element to my shows.

Roberto Blake's YouTube Starter Kit

The beauty of the YouTube Starter Kit from Roberto Blake, is that it gives you easy to use templates for creating YouTube thumbnails from someone who knows what he is doing. Roberto is a many things, including a YouTube guru, a public speaker and an industry thought leader — but it's also an incredibly talented graphic designer. This Tweet I shared says it all!

TubeBuddy #FTW

Since TubeBuddy is pretty much a free tool that anyone can use to improve visibility and track progress of their YouTube channel, I can't think of one single reason NOT to install it. I've talked about TubeBuddy many times and done several demos, including this video here and in an episode of my podcast. One of my favorite tools, is the bulk editor. You do need to purchase the upgrade to have access to this tool, but if you have more than 25 videos on YouTube and you want to save time managing them, just go for it!


Bonus Content

This video is packed with bonus content and tips, that were not all related to YouTube. But just to give you an idea of the value that is offered to those who come to these weekly live streams here are a few topics covered:

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips
  • How to set up your Libsyn Contact Page
  • Jeremy Vest's recommendations for YouTube playlists
  • Graphic design and branding from Better Than Success
  • Best platforms for multi-streaming
  • How to subscribe and listen to podcasts on an iPhone using Overcast
  • How to use the Nightbot on Twitch and YouTube

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