7 YouTube Stats Tracking Tools Reviewed

Tools for Tracking YouTube Stats

YouTube Stats tracking tools are on the rise, it seems there is a new one everyday.

In this conversation on Blab, I covered some of the features you can use to track the performance of your videos using the tools found on the list below.
Here is the recording from the Blab session called YouTube Stats Tracking Tools – What is Your Favorite #videoseo

When you are on Blab you never know who is going to surprise you and pop in and we got lucky! Jason Horton just so happened to be at YouTube LA filming a video for the upcoming holiday season. Here's a shot of him with the signage in the background (at the 27:00 mark). He wanted to pop in to be sure we mentioned Social Blade!

The reports and demographics we can find in our own YouTube Analytics are far superior than what we used to see a few years ago. So my friend William Rock asked the question – Why not just use YouTube Analytics? Great question William!

Going Beyond YouTube Analytics

The huge advantage of using a third party tool to optimize the performance of your YouTube videos is the competitor analysis and metrics. You can find out everything from what keywords are being used all the way to where they rank in YouTube search.

How To Track YouTube Video Analytics 7 Ways!

VidIq “More Views, Less Time Organic video marketing for the next generation of brands and entertainers.” One of my favorite functions in vidiq (I have many) is the handy tag rank tracker. Notice how I can see how many tags have good ranking on YouTube search and where they rank. This is really cool when you have a video that ranks in the the number one and number two spot!

Vidiq Tag Tracking for the Blab.im Video

TubeBuddy “What if instead of building tools for YouTubers on a separate website, we built a tool that helped YouTubers right inline with their daily workflow on YouTube.com?” Well that is exactly what the guys at TubeBuddy did. They put so many video optimization tools at our disposal that I can't even list them all here!

TubeBuddy also integrates many of the basic stats from Social Blade.

SocialBlade “Social Blade compiles data from YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram and uses the data to make statistical graphs and charts tracking progress and growth.” I hope you didn't miss that you can track Instagram. Perhaps not the most detailed Instagram stats tracking tool but it's pretty handy.

Also, Social Blade is the only third party tool on this list that has a mobile app. You can check the stats for any YouTube channel and find out what grade they get from Social Blade. Notice in this screenshot my channel has a grade of C and my subscription growth is 142.7%. I think that kind of growth is worth more than a C don't you agree? They also make an attempt to estimate my AdSense earnings and although the Per Day stats are reasonable, the Per Year stats are just about useless. There's a huge difference in earning $87 versus $1,000 over the course of a year.

Ms. Ileane Speaks YouTube Video stats on Social Blade

With that said, in the Blab replay video Jason did mention that the Social Blade stats were not all that accurate, but they do give you a quick snap shot of how a channel is progressing. You can install the Chrome extension for Social Blade here

“Tools and Dashboards for YouTube Channels

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Vidneos This is an affiliate link that leads to a sales page 🙂

Vidooly “…Our intelligent video analytics software & dashboard offers video tag suggestions, best time to publish, search rank analysis, competitor tracking & subscriber behaviour analysis, which helps you to identify your target audience & optimization tips accordingly.”

Another question that came up at around the 15:00 mark was surrounding conversions. Don't you want to know how many of your viewers are actually leaving YouTube, coming over to your site and signing up for your email list? Well in this video I demonstrate: How To Track Conversions from YouTube with Google Analytics

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