7 YouTube Stats Tracking Tools Reviewed

Tools for Tracking YouTube Stats

YouTube is an extremely powerful platform for content creators, thought leaders, small business owners and big brands alike, to not only upload their own creative long form videos, but short promotional clips as well. YouTube is a popular destination for viewers and it all comes down to the ability of this mighty content search engine to serve viewers with interesting, entertaining, inspiring and helpful videos that become part of a habit forming daily routine to consume.

Today YouTube has become by far the world’s largest repository of online video content. Turns out over time, YouTubers and marketers alike discovered the importance of tracking the source of their views on YouTube can provide insights to the most popular videos that prove to increase watch time and gain new subscribers. With that said, YouTube stats tracking tools are on the rise, so if you're looking for a simple way to keep track of your progress on the most lucrative video platform online, these popular tools are definitely worth checking out!

Whether you are a seasoned YouTube veteran or a brand new content creator, these 7 popular tools can help ensure that you stay on top of your statistics and make the most out of your channel.

YouTube Studio

YouTube analytics are an essential tool for understanding the demographics of your viewers and how they engage with content. YouTube Studio is a great platform that offers you detailed stats on your channel's viewers which can be used as valuable insight every time you upload a new video.

Login to YouTube Studio to track video performance and demographic data including country location (which has been extremely helpful when looking at international audiences), gender, age and more. This helps creators understand where to focus their efforts. It's exciting to see how YouTube is constantly evolving with new developments to the YouTube Studio’s suite of Analytics tools.

However, many times the interface and layout of the dashboard can be overwhelming and it’s hard to find what you really need to help your channel grow.
The reports and demographics we can find in our own YouTube Analytics are far superior than what we used to see a few years ago. Which begs the question – Why not just use YouTube Analytics?

Going Beyond YouTube Analytics

The huge advantage of using a third party tool to optimize the performance of your YouTube videos is the competitor analysis and metrics. You can find out everything from what keywords are being used all the way to where they rank in YouTube search. Stats tracking tools are one means for YouTube creators who want more analytics about their work than what they can get from YouTube Analytics alone but it'll take some digging in order to figure out which ones will be best suited for you! So let's dive in shall we?


“What if instead of building tools for YouTubers on a separate website, we built a tool that helped YouTubers right inline with their daily workflow on YouTube.com?” Well that is exactly what the folks at TubeBuddy did. They put so many video optimization tools at our disposal that I can't even list them all here! In this short video I share Why I Use TubeBuddy in 2021

There are over 80 tools inside of TubeBuddy to help grow YOUR channel today. One of my favorite features is a very simple graphic they provide whenever we reach a milestone with out YouTube channel. We get to humble brag when we reach a milestone subscriber count, or number of uploads. Here is a screenshot of the different styles of banners we can choose from.

It's a simple perk but might be just what you need to brighten your day and remind people that they need to subscribe to your channel. If you are ready to try TubeBuddy, please use my special link that will get you 30 Days for FREE on any of TubeBuddy’s paid plans, so you can get unlimited access to all of their features. Take 20% with this code: ILEANESBUDDY

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TubeBuddy has 3 critical tools that I think every Creator needs.

Keyword Explorer:

  • This tool helps me to come up with keywords, tags, and video titles that help to get my videos ranked in search results and ultimately get more views.
  • I’m able to find long-tail search terms to better target what people are looking for on YouTube.
  • I get to discover trending Tags to keep my videos relevant long after they are published

SEO Studio:

  • I’m able to easily optimize my video’s metadata (title, description, and tags), based on YouTube’s own recommended best practices, so that my videos can be found — this has made SEO so much easier for me!

Video A/B Testing:

  • This tool I can easily test Titles, Thumbnails, Tags and Descriptions to find what works best for my channel.
  • I can back up theories about what thumbnails work best for my audience.
  • I can find the best style for my Thumbnails to drive the most clicks.

There have been over 7,000,000 YouTube Channels that have installed TubeBuddy!

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Morning Fame

It’s not enough to just push your content – you have to be strategic about it, too. But how? Morning Fame compares your channels with other channels of similar size and reports back what they're doing that's working and what isn't. Their recommendations will help you pivot the right way when necessary, so that all your hours online are spent smartly.

In addition, Morning Fame has a robust dashboard of tools but they also send you valuable email updates each week and 24 hours after you publish a video! No other YouTube tool does this. Watch Why Use Morning Fame in 2021

Get Morning Fame Now! It can help you easily spot and repeat what makes your videos successful – and try new things instead of repeating what made some videos flop.


“More Views, Less Time Organic video marketing for the next generation of brands and entertainers.” One of my favorite functions in vidiq (I have many) is the handy tag rank tracker. Notice how I can see how many tags have good ranking on YouTube search and where they rank. This is really cool when you have a video that ranks in the the number one and number two spot!


“Social Blade tracks user statistics for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter!
Get a deeper understanding of user growth and trends by utilizing Social Blade.” I hope you didn't miss that you can track Instagram. Perhaps not the most detailed Instagram stats tracking tool but it's pretty handy.

Also, Social Blade is the only third party tool on this list that has a mobile app. You can check the stats for any YouTube channel and find out what grade they get from Social Blade. Notice in this screenshot my channel has a grade of C and my subscription growth is 142.7%. I think that kind of growth is worth more than a C don't you agree? They also make an attempt to estimate my AdSense earnings and although the Per Day stats are reasonable, the Per Year stats are just about useless. There's a huge difference in earning $87 versus $1,000 over the course of a year.


This video analytics software is a tool to help you run your videos more efficiently. It will inform you of the best time to publish your video, show how many views you have received, and provide insight on what people are saying about your content. Vidooly has built-in tools that will make it easy for creators like yourself to engage with their fanbase through comments and by finding which thing is most popular among viewers.


[In Beta] Your smart assistant to grow & earn more on YouTube. Backr is a tool that makes responding to YouTube comments easier and more effective.

We know that audience engagement is important to build a strong community and grow a successful YouTube channel. But how do you distinguish casual fans from your most dedicated and loyal supporters?

We segment your audience into different fan types, and show you which fans to respond to, to achieve your channel goals (ie. growth, retention, convert fans to sales). With Backr, you can build deeper connections with your fans, retain them for longer, and turn fans into channel advocates that help build your fan community.

YouTubers of all niches and sizes are finding success with Backr, from lifestyle channels with less than 10k subscribers, to ASMR channels with over 3 million!

Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics

Another question you may have about your videos is surrounding conversions. Don't you want to know how many of your viewers are actually leaving YouTube, coming over to your site and signing up for your email list? Well in this video I demonstrate: How To Track Conversions from YouTube with Google Analytics

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