Get Your Podcast in the Smart Home

Get Your Podcast Heard in the Smart Home

Can your listeners play your podcast on Alexa?

If you already started your podcast this episode of Ms. Ileane Speaks is going to be important to the future growth of your show.Your Podcast and the Smart Home If you are just getting started or still in the planning stages of your podcast this episode is going to help you as well. I want to help prepare you for the future and get you thinking about the next generation of podcast listeners who will be looking for your show on their smart speakers.

Apple Podcasts and iTunes is No Longer the Only Game in Town

We all know that Apple podcasts is a primary destination for your podcast to be found but don't just stop there. In this case I'm not talking about Google Play Music, I'm talking about the Amazon Echo aka Alexa, Google Home and the Apple Homepod smart speakers (whenever they get released to the marketplace).

The smart device technology is emerging from it's infancy but still has some bugs to work on. For example I purchased the Amazon Echo in October 2017 and I was really looking forward to listening to Ms. Ileane Speaks on the device. However, there was little flaw in my plan. The “text to speech” technology doesn't seem to recognize “Ileane” but Alexa says that “text to speech is improving and she might not have it quite right”.

So she calls me Elaine or Iline, but that's not going to help her find the “Ms. Ileane Speaks” podcast.

Introducing: Free Podcast Host

I ended up doing what any self-respecting podcaster would do whenever a smart speaker can't pronounce her name!

I started a new podcast! lol

The new show is called Free Podcast Host and you can follow me on Twitter to find out when the show will be listed in Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes).

True confession: I'm having a ton of fun with this show and most of what you will here is this episode of Ms. Ileane Speaks is segments that were taken from Free Podcast Host on Anchor. I'm using Spreaker to record and host some of the episodes too and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Alexa had no problem with opening the Spreaker Skill and playing that show. I even got the stats from Spreaker to prove it!Spreaker Stats on Alexa Skill

While this smart home technology is evolving, begin to think ahead about how you will position your show to be discovered and listened to in the Smart Home. Let me know what you come up with and what happens when the smart speaker searches for your show now!

Here are some links to people and places mentioned in this episode:

Unboxing the Amazon Echo

Here is my unboxing video of the Amazon Echo