Maximize Your Live Streams: Transform Your Videos with Streamyard’s Editing Features

Streamyard is revolutionizing the way you edit and repurpose your videos for social media. Whether you’re looking to create captivating horizontal videos for Facebook and YouTube or engaging vertical videos for Shorts, Reels, and TikTok, Streamyard has got you covered. With its easy-to-use trimming and splitting features, you can effortlessly remove unwanted sections and highlight the juiciest moments that keep viewers hooked!

Important YouTube Update for Video Creators

If you have an active YouTube channel, then consider yourself among an elite class of creators online. We are brave enough to publish content on one of the most sophisticated platforms available to us for free on the internet. Eligible YouTube creators like you and me can choose to add a clickable link to this info card that sends viewers to: watch more videos on YouTube, or to another website!

TubeBuddy Affiliate Program an Honest Review

I recall when I first got started with affiliate marketing I signed up for every program in my niche. From Clickbank to Shareasale and Amazon associates, and a handful of others that either closed their doors or their product offerings didn’t hit home with my audience [who remembers SEO Pressor or Noble Samurai?].

I learned a lot since I began my “online money-making” journey back in 2010, and I’m here to tell you that all affiliate programs are not created equal!

TubeBuddy’s affiliate program is one of the best around and in this post, I’ll show you how it checks all the boxes on my checklist and why it’s become one of my favorites! 

Streamyard Review and Tutorial

Over the years, I have developed my own personal list of requirements for live streaming software that I use and recommend. It takes a lot for me to endorse and put my stamp of approval on a live streaming platform or tool. In this post I share my review of Streamyard and why it checks off the boxes on my streaming software requirements list.

Listener Support for Podcasters on Anchor

Listener Support for Podcasters on Anchor

The long awaited business model for is finally here. Listener Support is the new option that can be turned on inside your Anchor dashboard if you are a U.S. based podcaster. In this post I share my thoughts on taking donations through Anchor’s Listener Support and I even share a demo of how you can donate. Watch as I sign up to support one of my favorite Anchor podcasters during a YouTube live stream.

Productivity Apps for YouTube

Top 5 YouTube Productivity Tools

If you want to build a loyal following on YouTube it’s really important to post fresh content consistently. Your goal is to become part of your viewer’s daily or weekly routine. I do weekly live streams on YouTube and in this video I share 5 YouTube productivity tools, that I use and recommend to help you easily publish and promote your YouTube videos. I’ll even include my favorite tools that help build engagement with your audience during live streams!

How to Use YouTube Live from Desktop

How to Start a YouTube Live Stream from Your Desktop

The long awaited YouTube Live integration has finally arrived to your mobile device. This is wonderful news for those of us with the required number of subscribers (which is currently 1,000) necessary to start a YouTube Live Stream. You probably didn’t know this but you can engage with a live audience on YouTube directly from your desktop computer! There’s really no down side to going live on YouTube, especially if you want to grow your channel and reach your target audience. In this post I’ll show you how to get started with YouTube live right from your desktop computer.

7 YouTube Stats Tracking Tools Reviewed

YouTube Stats tracking tools are on the rise, it seems there is a new one everyday. The huge advantage of using a third party tool to optimize the performance of your YouTube videos is the competitor analysis and metrics. You can find out everything from what keywords are being used all the way to where they rank in YouTube search. In this Blab I introduce 6 third party apps you can connect to your YouTube channel to help improve the performance of your videos.