Sponsorships and Affiliate Marketing with Bernadette Henry

Sponsorships and Affiliate Marketing 101 with Bernadette Henry

Bernadette Henry from Make It Fun NYC is a Jump Rope expert who wants to help you get fit. She called in to learn more about best practices for promoting sponsorships and affiliate marketing deals on her podcast and videos. Bernadette Henry the Jump Rope QueenFinding the right sponsorships and affiliate programs that you trust to pay you for what your worth can be a challenge when you're first getting started.

But in this episode I offer my advice and share some of the best tools available for content creators who want to get connected with potential sponsors.

Sign up for Famebit

The first resource I recommend to Bernadette is Famebit is “The premium marketplace for branded content” where you can find sponsors and other content creators to collaborate on projects with. They are so good at what they do, YouTube acquired Famebit in October 2016. This is a great starting point for someone who has a specific niche like Bernadette. She not only does fitness but she specializes in Jump Rope, which means her audience will be a perfect match for any brand who sells related products or services.

Being Featured in a Commercial

Bernadette shares the story of how she got featured in an Advil commercial, which you can watch below.

This just goes to show how being in the right place at the right time can really pay off!

In this video, you can see why I say that Bernadette is full of energy and why I call her the Jump Rope Queen! I LOVE how she tosses the rope at the end!

Social Blue Book

Sign up for Social Blue Book with your social accounts to see what you're worth to potential sponsors. Here's an example from my YouTube account.

Ileane Smith YouTube on Social Blue Book

In this chart, it's recommended that I charge a sponsor $150.00 for a dedicated YouTube video featuring their product.

Tips from the Pros

Derral Eves is a pro when it comes to brand deals and sponsorships. In this video, he shares a clip from his recent Vid Summit conference spreaker Shonduras who talks about How to Get Sponsors and Brand Deals for Your YouTube Videos.

You might want to pay close attention to how Shaun articulates how to present your proposal to a brand that you want to partner with in the future.

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