How To Keep Up With Trends on YouTube

We are going to close out the series called Your Path to a Better YouTube Channel by talking about how to keep up with the trends on YouTube. I share many of my top tips for keeping up to date with the constantly evolving YouTube video platform. And I’ll answer some Frequently Asked Questions from my YouTube Subscribers and my friends in the live stream.How To Keep Up With Trends on YouTube [Podcast]

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These two episodes are a good starting point but if you want to start with this episode, that's fine you will not be lost.

Keeping Up with YouTube Trends

One of the biggest challenges we face as video content creators on YouTube is keeping up with the changes to the platform and knowing who to trust for the best information. On my YouTube channel I have several videos that focus on YouTube and some of the tips and tricks on how to increase your views and how to edit your videos. YouTube also has a lot of hidden features because they’re back end is so complex people get lost when they sign up for YouTube account and unless they follow the right people they won’t even know that some of these features exist.

And just for the record I want to start off by talking about the people that I follow on YouTube in order to get information about the features and what is trending.

Who You Should Follow on YouTube

Lisa Irby 

is the first person I ever followed for YouTube tips. Lisa runs a site called She’s been helping people build websites monetize their website and optimize their content since early 2000’s I found Lisa doing a YouTube search back in 2009 and I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since so I invited you guys to check out Lisa Irby and follow her on YouTube.

Roberto Blake

I started following him about a year ago when YouTube because he came up for something that I search for and since then I became a huge fan. Roberto is a web designer and his tagline and what he’s known for is “Create something awesome”. He started off on YouTube doing Photoshop tutorials but he covers so many topics marketing web design and of course YouTube tips so Roberto is another one and you can find him at

Finally I want to go for the trifecta with this recommendation, because it’s actually not a YouTube channel I want to recommend. It’s a podcast!

A Podcast about YouTube!

VidPow TubeTalk

is one of the best podcasts out there for keeping up with all aspects of YouTube tips and tricks! The hosts are three of my favorites: Jeremy Vest, Tim Schmoyer and Matt Ballek. These guys provide full coverage and the podcasts talks about everything from running YouTube ads for big clients and small businesses, they talk about how changes to the platform impact watch time for creators, they bring on guest like Dane Golden, Darrel Eves and Owen Hemsath – they just leave no stone unturned on the show and I highly recommend you to subscribe when you want some great audio content.


In this episode I included some of the questions that came in as I was recording this live. You'll here from:

The discussion evolved into the repurposing of videos from Periscope to YouTube, the use of video Playlists, the right webcam, affordable microphones and so much more (see the video below for my equipment suggestions).

One question very important question came in regarding the use of YouTube tags and titles. The advice I shared is to include tags that are very narrow and specific to the video but also include tags that are more broad.

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I'll talk you next week in the upcoming episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast!


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