Build a Strong Twitter Following With Narrow

How to Build a Strong Twitter Following

When is the last time you took a look at your Twitter Analytics? I'll be the first to admit I wasn't monitoring my own Twitter Analytics very often until recently. Quite honestly I started paying more attention and putting more effort into my overall Twitter strategy and that's what turned things around for me. Let me explain a little about the strategy I'm using to tweak the performance of my Tweets.How to Build a Strong Twitter Audience with Narrow

Then later I'll introduce you a really awesome tool called Narrow along with a video about how to use it.

My Twitter Strategy Explained

First off, I'm much more creative with the headlines I use when I tweet my blog articles. Here's what I mean, by changing up the headlines when I share an article and using different “sound-bites” I'm able to get more click-throughs and traffic. Check out the Headline Writing Clinic we did here on the podcast for more tools, tips and tricks to energize your tweets and blog post titles.

I'm using custom images created by my designer (shout out to Chinelle from Lidyr Creative) in most of my tweets. We already know that tweets with images get more retweets, clicks and favorites so it only makes sense to capitalize on the trend. This is also a perfect way to revive all of that valuable content I have hiding in the archives over on Basic Blog Tips.

I'm creating video tweets to engage with my Twitter friends individually to thank them for following me or for showing up to my Blab shows! I think this is one of my favorite fun things to do (especially when I'm having a good hair day).

I'm pinning relevant Tweets to my profile page. For example, whenever I publish a new episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks podcast I pin the media file so people can listen in while they are still on Twitter. I'm actually surprised at how well this works and if you use Libsyn, click here to watch the short tutorial I did that shows how to automate the tweet! This tweet about subscribing to my YouTube Channel performed so well I think I'll tweak the headline and pin that one again next week!


I'm tweeting gifs!! I love how Twitter makes this so easy to do now.

With all that extra effort, I really need to check my Twitter Analytics to see if it is paying off! I encourage you to do the same. There is an old saying “You can't improve what you don't measure”. I forgot who said that but whoever it was, knew what they were talking about for sure!

Growing my Twitter Following with Narrow

Now here comes the easy part. I signed up for an account with

The fact of the matter is, with all the work and time I'm putting in to improve my content, if no one sees it I can't get results right? Bottom line is that I knew I needed to get more followers on my account so that I could reach more people and get more exposure for my Tweets.

I first heard about Narrow from my friend Nicholas Scalice's podcast. He interviewed Sujan Patel on Episode 20 of Inbound Unboxed and I'm pretty sure I signed up for Narrow the same day.

All I can say is wow!

Actually I can show you better than I can tell you, so please watch this video titled How to Build a Strong Twitter Audience with Narrow and you'll see what I mean.

Follow along with the transcript to discover exactly how Narrow builds your Twitter audience:

My name is Ileane and I'm with Ileane Smith dot com I want to share with you a tool that I've been using to build a strong targeted audience on Twitter and it's been saving a lot of time. It's called Narrow so stay tuned and I'll show you how it works because I am super excited about a tool that I've been using to grow my Twitter following but what's even more important, is that it's a targeted Twitter following that is bringing me results. I'm getting traffic to my blog I'm getting signups for my email list, I'm getting subscribers to my YouTube channel.

First I want to share with you the link that you can sign up and you can start off with a free trial (not an affiliate link). So you just go over to 

Let's just get right to the screen share because I want to show you – we're going to into Twitter Analytics. And for anybody who is not familiar with Twitter Analytics – if you have a Twitter account


6 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Analytics To Grow Your Audience

I'm going to screen share with you my Twitter Analytics. This says “your current follower audience is 15,225. That's 2,179 more than the same 90 days ago” I gained around 24 new followers per day. And guys that is absolutely because I'm using Narrow!

What I also want to show you here on the screen guys, it's not just the numbers because you know we get into this “gotta have a lot and numbers” but what I wanted you to see that's even more important is the Interests of the people that are following me and the number one is “Tech” and tech news and marketing and entrepreneurship so business…businesses news… these are not folks that are just following me because I'm using Narrow ok?

Narrow has the ability to go in — and I'll talk a little bit more about how it works — but it finds targeted people based on information that you provide it so once you sign up for Narrow and I'm not going to make you wait any longer I'm going to show you what has to be done. But just to finish this sentence, you know “leadership”, “SEO” those are the kinds of people that are following me so that's really important!

Go into your Twitter Analytics guys and if you're finding that these interests of the people that are following you are not lined up or aligned with your goals of what you want to achieve on Twitter then you may want to do some adjustments and you definitely want to sign up for Narrow!

And I believe it's a seven day trial for free so you can test it out and see how it works. Alright so without further ado let's switch over to my Narrow dashboard and you'll see that in the last 30 days Narrow alone has bought 854 followers.

Now remember on the Twitter screen is said I gained about 2,100 followers in the last 90 days now this Narrow screen is showing me the last 30 days. That's why the numbers are a little different but honestly I would say out of that 2,100 a lot of them are attributed to Narrow because some of these activities that I was doing manually I don't have to do anymore. Narrow is doing it for me. Freed me up from doing some of this onesies and twosies –following two or three people a day because I don't have to worry about it;

Narrow has automated this process for me!

You're going to enter keywords into Narrow in fact I'm going to stop screen sharing because this part is important and I'll come back to the screen share in a second. Because this part is important so I want to make sure you're focused on what I'm saying. You're going to enter your keywords of the things that you're tweeting about. The topics that you know that you're going to be sharing content about and also the topics you want to attract. Now you can use hashtags, you can use keywords, you can use other Twitter followers names or Twitter handles Narrow will go in and it will like tweets — will find Twitter users that are talking about those keywords that you enter – it doesn't pick them on their own — it's based on what you've told it. It will like tweets that mention those keywords or you can tell it to follow folks if they have those keywords and they're bio. And it will also do some following of people based on those keywords that you've told it to use. And what happens, is those people follow you back they see that you're tweeting about that topic you know some folks have things set up on your account to auto follow everybody who follows them.

Some people — have never heard of you before but when you like their tweet, you get their attention and then they look at your profile and they see – Oh my gosh – look at all this value that they're adding. So with any kind of tool like this guys, you’ve got to keep in mind to share valuable content. To stay on topic cause this is the topic that you're trying to attract but the point is that you want to build a strong following so you want people who are on Twitter looking for that topic fantastic job I absolutely love the tool and I'm using it and I am very very pleased with it, so I hope you guys get a chance to check it out. I'm looking forward to you building a stronger Twitter audience with Narrow.

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In my next post I will talk about the importance of content curation and how to find…I've said too much already.

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