Top Live Video Streaming Platforms

Best Live Streaming Social Media Platforms

I hope that by now you are already sold on the idea of using live streaming to connect with your audience and to build your brand. But at this point, you’re might be wondering exactly where to start. I’m here to help with my recommendations for the best live streaming social networks to explore. This list covers the most popular platforms and the ones that will serve you well in building an audience and connections that can last in the years to come. Follow me if you need more encouragement to get started on your own live streaming journey. I promise it will be a lot of fun.

Promoting Your Podcast on Instagram

How to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

One day as I was scrolling through my Instagram Stories feed, I began to notice that many of my podcasting friends were promoting their shows on Instagram. After weeks of attempting to analyze this culture behind this trend on Instagram I decided to just give in and embrace it while it’s still fun and enjoyable. I’ll leave it up to the Insta-experts to figure out why Podcasts and Instagram are so perfectly suited that they are like a match made in heaven. Just kidding – I go deep into this phenomenon and how you can take advantage of it in this post!

Marketing Plan for Podcasters

This Podcast Marketing Automation Plan Solves a Huge Pain Point for Podcasters

As a podcaster I know that there are a lot of pain points we face especially when we launch our first podcast. What we really need is a good podcast marketing plan that includes a little automation to make our lives easier. Relief is here in the form of a wonderful digital media marketing tool called Zapier. Be sure to watch the video but also click play to listen to the podcast where you can discover more tools that help reduce the amount of time you spend on your podcast marketing plan so you can more time creating your content.

5 Myths About Hosting Your Podcast on Anchor

Top 5 Myths About Hosting Your Podcast on Anchor

In this episode of the podcast I explore some of the top myths about hosting a podcast using Anchor as a free podcast host. In February of 2018, Anchor Version 3 launched with an updated app and a long awaited desktop recording dashboard. Version 3 (the current version) has an even stronger focus on podcasting! As you can see, Anchor is constantly being updated and at times it’s difficult to keep up with all the iterations so let me give you a hand. Please listen to the episode and let me know what you think.

Listener Support for Podcasters on Anchor

Listener Support for Podcasters on Anchor

The long awaited business model for is finally here. Listener Support is the new option that can be turned on inside your Anchor dashboard if you are a U.S. based podcaster. In this post I share my thoughts on taking donations through Anchor’s Listener Support and I even share a demo of how you can donate. Watch as I sign up to support one of my favorite Anchor podcasters during a YouTube live stream.

Productivity Apps for YouTube

Top 5 YouTube Productivity Tools

If you want to build a loyal following on YouTube it’s really important to post fresh content consistently. Your goal is to become part of your viewer’s daily or weekly routine. I do weekly live streams on YouTube and in this video I share 5 YouTube productivity tools, that I use and recommend to help you easily publish and promote your YouTube videos. I’ll even include my favorite tools that help build engagement with your audience during live streams!

Get Your Podcast in the Smart Home

Get Your Podcast Heard in the Smart Home

Can your listeners play your podcast on Alexa? If you already started your podcast this episode of Ms. Ileane Speaks is going to be important to the future growth of your show. If you are just getting started or still in the planning stages of your podcast this episode is going to help you as well. I want to help prepare you for the future and get you thinking about the next generation of podcast listeners who will be looking for your show on their smart speakers.